An Independent Church

If the decision is made for Nashville UMC to leave the United Methodist Church, we will host a 2nd vote. At that time, church members will determine if our church should join the Global Methodist Church, or become an independent church. 

It is very difficult to clearly articulate what an independent church would look like, because independent churches can make their own decisions about everything. They can decide: 

  • The structure to establish using committees to make decisions or a structure like a deacon board.

  • The every process in the church from hiring clergy to whether or not to have an audit.

  • Who and when to ordain clergy

  • How to live out beliefs.

Independent means the church can make every and all decisions.

Pros & Cons of an Independent Church


  • Independent churches can be very flexible.  

  • Independent churches are autonomous and do not report to any other group.

  • Independent churches do not pay any apportionments.


  • There is no required structure which means we would have to create/adopt a structure.

  • Independent churches stand alone so there is limited connection with other churches and there is no connectional assistance.

  • There are no required standards of belief, or ordination which means there is no one to hold us accountable.  

  • Independent churches have no assistance or structure to find clergy.  

  • Independent pastors may or may not have sound theological teaching because there is no ordination standard.

Common Concerns about joining the GMC

Why would we join another denomination after we just had to pay $455,000 to get out of the UMC?

Joining the GMC is voluntary and leaving is free!  The GMC will not hold a trust clause so they will not hold us in a denomination we don't want to be part of.  The pension plan in the GMC will not be a defined benefit plan, which means there will be no unfunded pension liability.  


Will we pay apportionments?

Yes, but the will be much less as we can determine what we pay, and they are voluntary.  If we leave the GMC we will not owe them extra years of apportionments.

Will we be able to hold bishops, clergy and churches accountable?

Yes, the structure of the GMC will be very different from the UMC.  We will be able to hold each other accountable.


Will there be Bishops in the GMC?

Yes, but they will have term limits and their power will be limited.  


What will the appointment system look like in the GMC?

The local churches and pastors will hold more power than the Bishops.  In the UMC, the bishop appoints clergy with or without the acceptance of the church or the pastor.  In the GMC the church can move a pastor, and the pastor can also decide to move.  If the church and the pastor are happy, no changes will be made.